Chairman's Message
Man is born with a basic instinct to learn and express his ideas. Once this process of learning and expressing one's ideas becomes stagnant and outdated, the intellectual growth alongwith physical growth of society is a big casualty. Therefore, education must provide a stimulus for learning which in turn may transform the individual and the society for the good of humanity.
Civilizations grow and perish with time. History bears a testimony to the fact that great empires collapse because of negative responses to the constructive intellectual growth in the society. In this regard, the Prophets have played a unique role in awakening and inspiring the mankind to its full intellectual capability. Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, in particular, universalized the human intellect and provided it an infinite canvas to express itself. That is why in the shortest span of nearly first two decades of his prophet-hood, he transformed a barren society into a highly emancipated civilization and enlightened galaxy of men and women, blazing with a dazzling intellect, established new norms for peace, progress and prosperity of mankind for all times to come.
In the present pursuit of knowledge we lack the positive intellectualism which is prophetic in content and graciously sublime. Unless the modern mind, with immense information to his credit, illuminates its intellectual plane with prophetic message, the doom of present-day world-order is not far away. All of us must realize it sooner the better for the good of humanity. That is what IQBAL MEMORIAL TRUST stands for.
(Dr. Yusuf-ul-Omer)
Iqbal Memorial Trust

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