Facilities & Services
We are boys school, girls school, LPD Block with some of the finest facilities in the valley.
We are proud of our facilities. We have classrooms, laboratories, libraries and sports facilities equipped with state of the art technology.
Besides Islamic education, and Hijab, IMI stands first in following the principles of Islam. Among the five pillars of Islam, Namaz is the 2nd pillar, and it is obligatory for a Muslim to offer prayers five times a day. To make students realize the importance of Namaz, a period, exclusively for Zuhr prayers is kept by the management on Fridays. An Ijtima is also held after assembly on Fridays, where students themselves present their views on any Islamic topic, and discuss their ideas. Teachers, teaching Arabic give special lectures on different moral values, and thus, a feeling of love for the religion, & a sense of duty towards society, automatically develops in a student.
Health bay
Full fledged medical unit headed by full time Medical expert with trained Para- Medical staff for health care of students is also available. Medical checkup of students is done yearly by the renowned doctors of the valley.
Transport Services
With the impressive size of our community comes an impressive fleet of busses. We have more than 19 busses and drivers that run like clockwork on a weekly basis. The team of experts in the transportation office take the task of moving our students, faculty, and staff to and from schools very dedicatedly and efficiently.
Food Services
Our students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to choose from a balanced menu in the cafeterias on each campus. Catering agencies provide a variety of options.
IMI believes that a love of reading is key to a good education. Reading for pleasure is key to unlocking a child's imagination and learning potential, and IMI is proud to call itself a 'whole reading school'. Each child has a weekly library session, aimed to encourage reading for pleasure and support independant learning and study skills.
The library aims to support the development of each child's reading skills, to enable them to discover the joy of reading, and to use non-fiction texts effectively, putting the children in greater control of their own learning processes and literacy.
The Main School library holds over 14,000 books of fiction, non-fiction, text and reference books. There are two computers for research and independant study, as well as newspapers and comics.
The Library is open throughout the day.
Some Fast Facts About The Facilities
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