Welcome to IMI
Welcome you to Iqbal Memorial Institute (IMI). As you spend time getting to know us on our website, on our campus and in our classrooms you will find that IMI is a really remarkable place. IMI is under the aegis of Iqbal Memorial Trust (IMT) with the objectives of ushering in a movement for the value based quality education, offering LKG through grade 12 based on a BOSE core curriculum. The school was founded in 1981 and has since grown to be Kashmir Valley's one of the prestigious school, with nearly 2000 students on roll.
"YAHDEEHIM ILA SIRATIN MUSTAQEEM"—-With this ayah of Sura Al-Maida as the motto, Iqbal Memorial Institute has emerged as one of the best institutions in the valley, and has completed its 33 long years. Established in the year 1981 as a direct response to the prevalent ignorance, illiteracy, moral turpitude, pitiful poverty, and morass into which our society had fallen, IMI emerged as a famed institution, and broke the shackles of misconception. Since its inception, the institute has been striving hard to achieve its objectives in the field of quality education, moral and economic upliftment, and social transformation.
The IMI vision statement is a powerful one that reads, “To become a leading non-governmental organization in this region for promoting quality education, creating vibrant and responsive Social Service system and facilitating economic growth on modern lines.” This mission resonates strongly with us, as we believe it anchors our community in important values that will become invaluable in the success of our students today and in the future.
You will often hear us to say, "It’s all about our students!” They are at the heart of all we do, and their learning is our focus every day. We encourage parents, teachers and staff to help us keep this message the clear focus everyday of the year.
The excellence of an IMI education is reflected particularly in the "real world” education we afford our students. It’s grounded in what are often called important 21st century learning skills: collaboration and leadership, cross-cultural and global understanding, communications, creativity, character, and critical thinking. An excellent IMI academic and co-curricular program helps students become innovative learners with strong skills serving them well throughout their lives.
We welcome you to spend some time on this website and then schedule an appointment to visit one or both of our campuses. IMI offers extraordinary programs and we look forward to sharing them with you and your family.

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