Welcome to Admission!
Thank you for visiting us and for considering IMI for your child(ren)’s educational experience in Kashmir Valley.
The Iqbal Memorial Institute (IMI) is a day school for children aged three (3+) to eighteen (18) years old. IMI has aspired to provide a quality education to the whole community in Kashmir Valley since its inception in 1981, and continues to attract high caliber students and faculty. The Iqbal Memorial Institute (IMI) nurtures students to become independent thinkers in a challenging multi-cultural environment.
At many schools the admissions process can make even the toughest of us cringe—but not at IMI. We have an admissions team who are dedicated to making this a smooth and easy experience.
We invite you to join us by exploring the IMI website as the primary source of information about our school. We have taken significant steps towards improvement and we will continue to do so in the months and years ahead. Our website includes an overview of our educational approach, including our mission, vision and information about our various programs.
While our website will certainly provide a glimpse into our school community, nothing compares to seeing and experiencing a school in person.

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