Primary Department
In the Primary Department we strive to ensure that each year at IMI is the best year in every child's life. This hope is what guides our practices and programs on a daily basis. As educators we find joy in our work each day. Joy is what sustains our passion as educators and ignites learning for children. We make decisions based on the understanding that we are not only guiding children towards learning but building experiences and creating memories that will serve to inform futures not yet imagined. At IMI our goal is for children to love school and for this love to translate into life-long learning.
Visitors to IMI Primary Department are immediately impressed by the warm welcome they receive evidencing our commitment to creating and maintaining a family atmosphere at school. The instructional excellence of the faculty is balanced by a genuine love of children. Teachers develop caring relationships with students and students are nurtured and motivated to do their best. We strive to identify and celebrate individual strengths while offering support in areas of growth. The carefully chosen programs at IMI allow for differentiated learning and a high degree of student choice to ensure that learning is authentic and meaningful. Students are encouraged to make connections to personal experiences and to draw from these experiences to gain deeper understandings of content and text materials.
The Primary Department includes grades one, two, three, four and five, and is designed to help students to be successful through this period of adjustment. Class sizes are small enough so that students are able to receive individualized attention.

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