Middle Department
The Middle School years are often signalled by significant physical, emotional, and social changes for young adolescents. The Middle Department includes grades six, seven and eight, and is designed to help students to be successful through this period of adjustment. Class sizes are small enough so that students are able to receive individualized attention.
Parents are frequently contacted with updates of their child's progress. Report cards are issued quarterly, with progress reports sent to parents mid way through each marking period. Parents-teachers meet are scheduled twice a year, and parents are encouraged to keep in close touch with teachers via e-mail, telephone calls, or personal contact. Teachers meet frequently to discuss the needs of individual students as well as to plan course content so that transitions are as smooth as possible.
Program Description
Our Middle School program is based on the NCRET system, but with an Islamic flavor.
Core subjects include Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Languages including English, Urdu, Arabic. We have strong programs in the Islamiyat, computing, and health and physical education.
Co-curricular activities include interscholastic volleyball, basketball, track and field, cricket, cross-country, Table Tennis, Badminton and Athletics. Students are also encouraged to join in the Quran Recitation, Story Narration, Workshops, Seminars, Exhibitions, Debates, Quiz, Ijtimas, Speech, play, group discussion, chorus, band, Painting, Crafts and flower arrangements.

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