IMI is a One to One school. Our students are engaged in 21st century learning. In a typical classroom, regardless of the technology being used, you'll see students solving problems, thinking critically, being creative and innovative, communicating and collaborating. The technology department provides hardware and software to help teachers improve student learning, but 21st century learning can happen with or without computers. Design thinking has been a theme for the tech integration team this year and we are excited to create some tinkering spaces and design challenges for our students!
We have a tech support team to help ensure that the technology is working the way it should. Most of our computers now run Windows but we still have some running Mac.
We have an ongoing refresh policy which includes upgrading our WiFi and wired networks as well as the rest of our infrastructure.
Technology Philosophy, Goals and Vision
At IMI, our goals for technology are:
  • Technology will enhance the quality of education students receive through the well-managed and purposeful integration of technology into instruction and learning.
  • Technology will enhance productivity and efficiency through the seamless use of technology for all users.
Our Philosophy
The IMI technology program enables student and faculty to successfully adapt to the rapid evolution of technology; enhance their ability to be effective communicators; independent and collaborative learners; and creative, critical thinkers.
Our learning goals are to enable students to:
  • Gather, organize, and analyze information critically and efficiently
  • Communicate and present information effectively
  • Develop skills to become effective and creative users of productivity tools
  • Use technology ethically
  • Operate technology tools and gain a basic understanding of how they work
  • Enhance visual / artistic communication skills through design and composition
  • Develop an awareness of technology as a social force as well as understand the impact of technology on our daily lives
As educators we will accomplish these goals by:
  • Integrating technology into the curriculum where appropriate
  • Sharing the responsibility for the appropriate integration of technology
  • Ensuring that learning with technology is assessed appropriately
  • Providing opportunities to gather, analyze, organize and present information using technology
  • Promoting and modeling the responsible ethically use of computer technology
  • Providing opportunities to use technology in solving problems and thinking critically
  • Ensuring that all students be provided with opportunities to learn basic technology skills
  • Provide opportunities to communicate and present information
  • Provide opportunities for visual / artistic communication through design and composition
We are working towards a vision of:
  • Secure wired and wireless connections anywhere on campus, where speed is not an issue, and all switches, wires, cables, and racks are certified and working properly
  • IMI is known worldwide as a top tech school, with facilities that are a shining example for schools worldwide
  • The Technology, Facilities Management and Business departments collaborate in the seamless delivery of service in support of teaching and learning
  • Technology that enhances learning is available, anytime, anywhere
  • Technology is used in ways that helps AES conserve energy and reduce waste
  • Technology helps improve and streamline communication between all members of the IMI community
  • Technology connections are both standardized and flexible. Standard technology is available for all rooms and all users. Configurations, wiring, and connection locations are not obstacles to effective use of technology
  • Technology (including hardware and software) is purchased and disposed of according to a well-organized plan. Technology purchasing decisions are made transparently, with appropriate input from all members of the community
  • Professional development is planned and provided. The technology department is able to learn what they need to know in order to keep up with the rapid pace of change in technology. End users are provided with needed training and support
  • A unified database tracks our technology hardware, equipment, and software

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