Iqbal Memorial Institute +2 Girls Wing organized a guest lecture by Prof. (Dr) Mushtaq A. Margoob, a Psychiatrist and a retired Head, Post Graduate Department of Psychiatry GMC, Srinagar on the burning topic “DEPRESSION AND SOCIAL EVILS” on May 6, 2017. The lecture was held in the school auditorium. Prof. (Dr) Margoob Mushtaq was the Chief Guest and Hon’ble Chairman, Dr. Yusuf ul Omer presided over.
The event started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Kulsum from class 11th and then by a soul piercing Naat by Ameema from class 12th. After this the students from class X, XI & XII spoke on the different topics related with Depression and Social Evils. The list of speakers is as follows:
S. No.  Name of the Participant  Class 
 01.  Kulsum  (Tilawat)  XI
 02.  Ameema (Naat)  XII
 03.  Hiba Intikhab  XII
 04.  Aiman Qamri  XII
 05.  Iram Khan  XII
 06.  Ayat Fayaz  XI
 07.  Sadiya  XI
 08.  Arshee  XI
 09.  Shifa Masood  X
 10.  Hafira  X
 01.  Dr. Yusuf ul Omer  Chairman, IMT
 02.  Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad Margoob (Chief Guest)  Renowned Psychiatrist
Hon’ble Chairman was invited by our flamboyant anchors: Hazika Showkat & Mehveen Azad, to give an inspiring speech. He threw light on the various social evils, chaos and conflicts in our society that lead to hopelessness and fear among students. His speech was laced with a wit and among his myriad of suggestion that he gave to avoid the bottomless hole of depression, the best way to stoop towards Allah Subhan Watallah!
Later Mr. Mushtaq Margoob delivered his special lecture. He presented his lecture on a projector which helped the students to understand it practically. He apprised students about the main reasons related with anxiety and depression. He focused exclusively on advances of science and treatment of anxiety and mood of depression disorders in children and adults. Besides this he reiterated the fact that the best was to come out of the abyss of depression is to charge our body and soul with the plug of spirituality.


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