SOF Felicitation Ceremony - 2019. (Higher Department, Boys)
Iqbal Memorial Institute, Higher Department, Boys conducted a prize distribution ceremony on 1st June 2019 to felicitate the winners of the NSO (National Science Olympiad) and IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) which was conducted by the Science Olympiad foundation.
Respected Principal and Headmaster distributed the medals among the winners. The ceremony started with the recitation and translation of a few verses from the Holy Qu'ran.
The students won a total of 10 medals out of which 8 were Bold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.
NSO (National Science Olympiad)
5th Class ---- Imran Khan --- Gold
6th Class ---- Abaan Mushtaq --- Gold
6th Class ---- Mohammad Shahzeeb --- Silver
6th Class ---- Wasiq Javid --- Bronze
7th Class ---- Bin Yamein --- Gold
8th Class ---- Aatiq Javaid --- Gold
9th Class ---- Sabat Umer --- Gold
IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad)
6th Class ---- Muneeb Altaf --- Gold
7th Class ---- Bin Yamein --- Gold
9th Class ---- Sabat Umer --- Gold


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