Picnic - 2018 (G [LPD])
Blooming buds of LKG, UKG and 1st of LPD had their day out to enjoy together, away from school, books and study, as most pleasant part of childhood is going on outings. The students were taken to Botanical Garden on 15th of May 2018 to have recreation and wonderful time with their teachers and friends. All the students were excited and in a good mood. They enjoyed their day to the fullest by playing different games and by enjoying their favourite meals.
Picnics are indeed a source of recreation to the mind and body as well as it instil the principles of sharing, team work, social interaction and discipline among students. They enjoyed many games like tug of war, football etc. Students returned back to the school, tired but joyous at the end of the day. It makes them happier. This outing was a great success and also memorable for the children, as it strengthened the bond between the teacher and the students.

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