Excursion - 2018 (G [HSS])
An excursion was organized by IMI(G), Higher Secondary School on May 5, 2018 for the students of XI & XII classes. The students boarded the bus at 9:00 am. After a silent trip to the foothill of Pari Mahal, students were dropped off to walk on foot to reach the Pari Mahal. The students reached the spot at 11:00 am after walking the tiresome slopes. Pari Mahal is a legendary abode of beautiful fairies. Legend has it that it is home to most powerful magical books which are guarded by angles, hence the name. Pari Mahal overlooks the entire city of Srinagar in a way that can be rightly termed, picture perfect. The students walked the heritage site and clicked pictures, to cherish the moments forever. The students were assembled and ordered to walk to the Cheshma Shahi. The students had their lunch there at sharp 1:00 pm. Embracing the serenity, the students peacefully had their delicacies. Some of the students, to add a tinge of liveliness to their trip, started a water fight with each other. The event came to a conclusion at 2:00 pm where the students boarded buses back to the school.

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