Essay Competition - 2018 (G [HSS])
An on spot English Essay Writing Competition was organised by IMI, Higher Secondary Department, Girls Wing on April 17th, 2018 for the students of XI & XII classes. The students were asked to write on the topic “Effects of Social Media on the People”. The essay was judged on the basis of students vocabulary, presentation and creativity. The purpose of the competition was to encourage the students to enhance their thinking and writing skills. The essays were well written by the students. The winners will be awarded certificates of excellence.
Result is as following:
Class Student Name Rank
XII Naziya Shafi First
XII Aayat Fayaz Second
XII Afzaa Gojwari Second
XII Airah Zakiya Third
XI Seerat Third
XII Faizah Third
XII Azrah Consolation
XI Bushra Amin Consolation


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