Rhyme Competition - 2018 (G (Lower Primary Deptt.)
Rhymes have a great importance in the life of a kindergartener's. Teaching of nursery rhymes not only develops speaking skill but also expresses their feeling through facial expression and gestures. Rhyme recitation is an art of expression of thoughts and such thoughts were expressed beautifully by the students of class LKG and UKG in the auditorium of IMI (G) on 21st of April, 2018.
The competition began with the recitation of few verses of Holy Quran by Noor Fatima of LKG Red followed by Naat-e-Sharief by two students of UKG namely Dua Imran and Hayra. Everyone was amazed and spellbound after seeing their pleasing performance. The judges of the event appreciated and applauded the performance of the students. The Iqbal House won the competition in both the classes. And trophies were distributed among the winners.

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