Qiraat & Naat Competition - 2018 [B (HSD)]
IMI (Boys), Higher Secondary Department organised a Qiraat & Naat Competition on March 31st, 2018 in school auditorium. The guests invited were the Dr. Imtiyaz Qayoom (alumni) working as Assistant Processor in SKAUST and Zubair Sideeq Salfi a well known Naat reciter of Kashmir.
There were fifteen participants from Class XI and XII, nine in Qirat and six in Naat.
Winners of Qiraat Competition:
S.No. Name Class Position
1. Rafid XII 1st
2. Arsalan XI 2nd
3. Raouf Wani XI 3rd
Winners of Naat Competition:
S.No. Name Class Position
1. Hanan Zargar XII 1st
2. Ahtisaan XII 2nd
3. Rafid XII 3rd


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