Debate on "The Present System of Education is turning students into Morons".
A debate on the topic "The Present System of Education is turning students into Morons" was conducted in the Auditorium of IMI Boys on 19.09.2017. Classes 7th, 8th and 9th participated in the said event. Five students spoke for the proposition and an equal number against it. Students with superlative oratorical skills were awarded with medals. Mr. Majid Jahangir resource person IMI Boys conducted the event and adjudged the students along with Mrs. Nuzhat Wadera.
The following students were among the toppers:
1st Position Mohammad Hussani Class 7th
2nd Position Saud Khan Class 9th
3rd Position Sabat Umar Class 8th
Students also received complimentary books from Mr. Mohammad Shafi Sir Urdu Teacher IMI Boys as a mark of encouragement to propel them further.

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