Urdu Calligraphy Competition - 2017
Calligraphy competition was organised on 23rd of August 2017 for 1st grade aiming to encourage children to write neatly and present the content in decorative manner in particular time with proper execution of letters of Urdu language. Children interestingly participated in this competition and were very enthusiastic and over whelmed for this activity. The following students are holding first, second and third positions:
1st Position Mohammad Zayan Malik, Marjan Shafi Mir, Aroob Bashir
2nd Position Mohammad Abbas, Asra Manzoor, Aakasha Yasin
3rd Position Mian Zaid Bin Aijaz, Fadak Manzoor, Talha Bint Firdous
The Lead Teacher (LPD) congratulated the winners.

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