Islamic Quiz Competition - 2017 (G +2)
Iqbal Memorial Institute (10+2) girls organized an Islamic Quiz Competition on June 21, 2017 in school seminar room.
The students from class XI and class XII participated in the Quiz Competition. Respected staff members from different faculties and students attended the event. Respected Vice Principal, Mr. Mukhtar Ahmad Mir and Ms. Anjuman, Lecturer English acted as Quiz Masters; Ms. Iram, Lecturer Biotechnology and Ms. Rukaiya, Lecturer Physics acted as scorers.
There were two teams; Team-A (Class XI) and Team-B (Class XII), each team comprising of eight participants. The list of participants is as follows:
01. Azra Mushtaq   01. Ayman Qamri
02. Furqana Shafi   02. Mustansir
03. Faiza Amin   03. Tahleela
04. Afzaa Gojwari   04. Iqra Shafi
05. Shahu Nisa   05. Insha Mehraj
06. Umeedul Iram   06. Aneesa
07. Sadia Bashir   07. Basira
08. Nazia Shafi   08. Iqra Hamid
The Quiz Competition started at 12.30am.
There were total four rounds in the Quiz.
The first round was from our holy book the Quran, second round was based on Ramadhan, third round from Seerat and the fourth round was a rapid fire buzzer round which include some general questions from the above said topics.
In each round there were total twenty questions ten for each team. Each question was carrying five marks and if one team was not able to give the response the other team would grab the opportunity and they were given a bonus of two marks. The competition went smooth and participants were very prompt and agile in answering the questions. Students were very excited and thrilled. The questions which were not attempted by both the teams were budged on to the audience who received pens as a token of love in giving the response.
At the end of each round, the score was collected from the scorers. Eventually at when all the rounds came to an end the score of Team-A was 87 and of Team-B 54. so Team-B, lagged behind team-A by 33 points and were declared as the winners.
Finally Prof. Ab. Rashid declared the name of winners and distributed some books to the runner-up and winning team. The books were given to students by the Leader Group of Iqbal Memorial Institute, +2 Deptt.

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