Trekking - 2017
Iqbal Memorial Institute (G +2) organized a Trekking event to Dara, Harwan for students of Class 11th & 12th on May 13, 2017.
The objective of this Trekking was to create and foster among the students a spirit of risk taking, team work, the capacity to face and effectively deal with challenging situations with courage and determination in a discipline manner.
Dara is located in Harwan at a distance of 25 kms from Srinagar. It is known for its natural beauty, seasonal flowers and overall flora and fauna.
Altogether ninety students, ten teaching and three non-teaching staff members participated in Trekking. The students left the school 9.00 am in three buses along with teaching and non-teaching staff and reached Harwan at 10.30am. The weather was very warm and pleasant. From Harwan we took a short bus ride through a winding road head village and finally were off into the hills of Dara at around 11.00 am. There the students were briefed about the rules and regulations of the trek.
The scene around was captivating, it was the nature in its unique glory. The trail ahead was steep and dangerous. The students were very excited and enjoyed the trek though it was a difficult trek by the side of a long stream. The students even got a chance to share some experiences with some robust Gujar women who were busy in grazing their flock of some special breed of sheep escorted by a fiercy wild dog. The students were so excited that it prevented them from feeling any fear.
The enchanted location provided an array of experiences and students really appreciated the rich genetic diversity of pristine landscape. When the students returned from the trek, they boarded the school buses and finally we reached Harwan garden at around 2.00pm. Students were allowed to take lunch followed by a short respite under the canopy of big chinar trees. They roamed around and enjoyed the picturesque scenes of the garden for an hour and finally started the return sojourn at around 4pm.
It was truly a fabulous trip for every one. The memory will be cherished for ever. We thank Allah that all students and staff reach back to the Institute safely.

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