Seerat Conference - 2017
The Lower Primary Department of IMI organized a Seerat Conference on 12th may 2017 as per the activity planner 2017. The motive of the event was to enlighten the students with the life history and great works of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). The students of U.K.G and 1st participated very passionately in the event. There were many programmes in the event. The event started with Tilawaat of some verses of Holy Quran followed by Naat and Hamud. Some students enlightened the life of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) where as some came with the Hadith.
Honourable Chairman, Dr. Yusuf ul Omer graced the occasion and enthusiastically enlightened the gathering about the Seerat of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). He was very much impressed by the efforts of blooming blossoms of LPD and appreciated the staff members for making the event a success.

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