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Qiraat & Naat Competition - 2017
Iqbal Memorial Institute, as per year planner organized the Naat and Qirat Competition on May 2 - 2017 in the school auditorium. The students from class XI & XII participated in the event. Worthy Principal Mr. Peerzada Nisar, Vice Principal Mr. Mukhtar Mir and all staff members attended the event.
Revered Chairman, Dr.Yusuf-ul-Omer was invited as Chief Guest. There was a huge gathering of students. Mr. Mukhtar Mir, Vice Principal +2 Girls and Mr. Syed Manzoor, H.O.D Arabic from Secondary Wing adjudged the students.
The event started with recitation of Holy Quran by Mr. Mukhtar Mir. The competition commenced with the Qirat and then with the Naat. The participants came one by one and enthralled the whole audience with their resounding voice. Between the two events of Qirat and Naat some girls performed a group Naat.
The event went smooth and in the end, Hon’ble Chairman Dr. Yousuf-ul-Omer gave an inspirational speech and urged the students to work hard and rise high in life. He dwelt at length to imbibe the very spirit of Quran and the teachings of Prophet [Peace be upon Him].
Respected Principal Mr. Peerzada Nisar gave the vote of thanks and praised the commendable work done by the staff and students. He announced the results of the Competition. There were three positions in Qirat and five positions in Naat. The detailed result is given as:
The winners of Qirat competition were as follows: 
S. No.  Name of the Participant  Class  Position
01.  Ms. Tehleela  XII First  
02.  Ms. Raheen  XI  Second
 03.  Ms. Kulsum  XI  Third
The winners of Naat competition were as follows:
S. No. Name of the Participant Class Position
01. Ms. Ameema XII First
02. Ms. Sadiya XI Second
03. Ms. Arbil XI Third
04. Ms. Kulsum XI Third
05. Ms. Furqana XI Third
Anchors:- Aiman Qamri - XII & Tamanna - XI. The programme concluded with Du’a.

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